Title Date
FB & PYPL - A Match Made in Heaven? What an Expanded FB/PYPL Partnership Might Look Like (and Why Now) Dec 13, 2018
CTSH: Model update for the changes in non-GAAP adjustment methodology beginning in FY19 Dec 11, 2018
V, MA, PYPL: The Payments MVP’s, Part 3. 'P' = PayPal – The Bull Thesis in 20 Slides Dec 6, 2018
Visa, Mastercard: The EC Cross-Border Interchange Settlement - We’ll Take It Dec 4, 2018
V, MA, PYPL: The Payments MVP’s, Part 2. 'V' = Visa – The Bull Thesis in 20 Slides Dec 4, 2018
MA, V, PYPL: Meet the Payments MVP’s. ‘M’ = Mastercard – The Bull Thesis in 20 Slides Nov 30, 2018
Visa, Mastercard: Revisiting the “Stroke of the Pen” Risk as Cross-Border Interchange Regulation Looms Nov 27, 2018
Can Cognizant Really Re-accelerate Revenue Growth? Nov 20, 2018
Payments, Processors, and IT Services: 3Q18 Roundup – Top Sector Themes and Updated Stock Preferences Nov 16, 2018
DXC: Sooner Rather than Later, We Should Talk About Plan B Nov 15, 2018
WP 3Q18: In the Goldilocks Zone Nov 9, 2018
Square 3Q18: Time to Dust Off the Bull vs. Bear Nov 8, 2018
DXC 2Q19: The Anchor Drops Nov 7, 2018
Payments: A Peek into the Future of Payments – Insights from Money20/20 2018 Nov 6, 2018
ADP 1Q19: Many Arrows in the Quiver Nov 1, 2018
GPN 3Q18: Do-Re-Mi – Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…What is Revenue Growth and Is It Good? Oct 31, 2018
Cognizant 3Q18: On the Bubble Oct 31, 2018
Mastercard 3Q18: Crushing it Abroad Oct 31, 2018
FDC 3Q18: Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater Oct 30, 2018
IBM+Red Hat: A Great Example of Why Turning Around IBM is So Damn Hard Oct 29, 2018
Visa: Important, But Not Well Understood: What Drives Visa's Cross-Border Revenues? Oct 25, 2018
DXC: Wait it out. Like IBM, DXC Has an “Anchor Problem” Oct 24, 2018
Freshly Divorced from eBay, Now a Most Eligible Single…Who Might PayPal be Dating? Oct 19, 2018
IBM 3Q18: An “Anchor” Problem Oct 17, 2018
Payments: If You Only Watch 8 Things in 3Q18 Earnings... Oct 12, 2018
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Initiating coverage of IT Services and Processors Oct 4, 2018
PYPL: The Button Wars – PayPal Has 30%+ Share of U.S. Checkout and Counting...How High Can It Go? Sep 20, 2018
MA, V, PYPL: Twelve takeaways from a half-day of management meetings at Mastercard Sep 11, 2018
V, MA, PYPL: The Alipay Threat – Insights from Three Days Immersed with Ant Financial in Hangzhou, China Sep 6, 2018
FDC, WP, GPN: Who is the Fairest of them All? Forecasting Organic Revenue Growth for the Merchant Acquirers Aug 29, 2018
Payments Chart of the Quarter: Hang on to those stocks – Payments growth is accelerating Aug 15, 2018
Worldpay 2Q18: How hard is $100M in revenue synergies with no Amazon or PayPal? Aug 10, 2018
GPN 2Q18: Global Payments’ Software Strategy is Certainly Different, Jury’s Out on Whether It’s Better Aug 3, 2018
Square 2Q18 Earnings: The Square Dream is... Instant Deposit and Caviar? Aug 2, 2018
First Data 2Q18: One Small Step for NA GBS, One Giant Leap for the Turnaround Story Jul 31, 2018
Visa 3Q18 and Mastercard 2Q18: Is Mastercard Really Suddenly Better? Jul 27, 2018
PayPal 2Q18: Stand Tall, Checkout Button! Jul 26, 2018
WP, SQ, GPN, FDC: Regulatory tremors in the UK Jul 25, 2018
Agree or disagree? Payments coverage initiation FAQs, pushback, and sentiment Jul 23, 2018
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Initiating coverage of the Payments sector Jul 11, 2018