About Us

MoffettNathanson LLC is an independent research boutique that brings together two analysts who have been at the top of their respective sectors for most of the past decade. Together, they bring almost fifty years of experience in Media and Telecommunications.

Craig Moffett has been elected to Institutional Investor Magazine’s All-American Research Team in the U.S. Telecom and/or Cable & Satellite sectors on fifteen separate occasions, including nine separate appearance as the #1 analyst in America in either U.S. Telecom and/or Cable & Satellite. He has also been rated the #1 analyst in the U.S. Telecommunications sector by Bloomberg Markets, and he has consistently ranked #1 in Research Quality in Greenwich Research’s annual survey in both Telecommunications and U.S. Cable and Satellite sectors.

Michael Nathanson has consistently been named the top Media analyst in the U.S, ranking #1 in America by Institutional Investor Magazine for most of the past decade. He has also received Institutional Investor's top rankings in the now defunct Publishing & Advertising Agencies and the Broadcast & Radio sectors in past years.

Mr. Moffett and Mr. Nathanson worked closely together for eight years at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC, regularly collaborating on research that spanned the Media Content and Distribution value chain. Their joint research included seminal reports on video over the Internet, programming cost inflation, and retransmission consent. By reuniting at the new MoffettNathanson, the two bring a unique perspective not just to their individual sectors but to the intersections between them. “Now more than ever, what our clients really need and want is insight into the whole value chain, and the way the pieces of the puzzle fit together,” said Nathanson.

MoffettNathanson is a partnership of five seasoned investment professionals – Moffett, Nathanson, Patrick O’Connell, Ethan Steinberg and John Towers – each of whom brings more than a decade of investment advisory experience. The partners were previously colleagues at Bernstein.