CONFERENCE CALL REPLAY | U.S. Broadband: A Few Gray Hairs, or Something More Serious?

    November 15, 2017 7:00 AM PDT / 10:00 AM EDT

    If one were to judge from the amount of attention lavished by the business press, what ails the Cable sector is that video subscribership is beginning to fall.  Truth be told, that was never the issue.  Cable is a broadband story, and every investor knows it.  When Comcast now infamously warned about third quarter trends in September, the focus on video lasted all of about two days.  Since then, it has all been about broadband.

    There are multiple intertwined issues here.  Broadband appears to be inching towards saturation, and the growth rate of the market has (predictably) slowed down.  And AT&T's announcement that they will expand their fiber-to-the-home footprint, and would upgrade much of their IP-broadband plant, means that the competitive set up will now materially change. 

    In a clients'-only conference call on November 15, Craig Moffett discussed industry broadband trends and the implications of AT&T’s fiber build on terminal broadband growth.

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